WordPress 3.5 is here, what’s new?

It’s always a fun day round these parts when there’s a new WordPress version to explore! You can download the new version from WordPress.org or you can install it through your blog’s dashboard.

What’s new with WordPress 3.5?

Media Manager

The biggest change in 3.5 is the media manager.

You can now review your media files in a grid with large thumbnails, rather than a long vertical list. The attachment details section is now on the right side when an image is checked. This change really streamlines the editing process and makes viewing images so much easier.

WordPress 3.5 Media Gallery View

New in post media gallery view with WordPress 3.5

The Gallery creator has undergone an overhaul too. In previous versions, the native WordPress gallery would display all the images attached to a post or page when a gallery was selected. You couldn’t pick and choose images and have one image at the top of the post and then a gallery of different image below. Not unless you used a plugin or other method to make that happen.

Now, you simply open your media library within the post screen and select the images for your gallery.

Create Gallery WordPress 3.5

New create gallery interface WordPress 3.5

Then drag and drop the images in the order you prefer.

Gallery Drag and Drop

New drag and drop gallery interface WordPress 3.5

New Default Theme

With WordPress 3.5 you’ll see a new default theme, Twenty Twelve. In the tradition of Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven before it, this new theme is simple and clean with Open Sans typeface (one of my current faves!) and a mobile ready design.
New Twenty Twelve WordPress

Graphics Upgrades

To accommodate the higher resolution displays that are all the rage these days, the menus, buttons and icons didn’t escape redesign in this version of WordPress. Personally, other than the styling changes, I didn’t notice a huge difference on my lower resolution devices, but on my Retina Display devices, WordPress is looking pretty awesome.

Changes for Developers

There were some changes “under the hood” as WordPress likes to say, but for the average user, the main change is that XML-RPC is always enabled. If you use a service like Windows Live Writer to upload and edit posts, you use this feature already.

In previous versions, to use WLW, you would have find the little checkbox under Settings>Writing to enable the service.  It stumped a lot of people since they didn’t even know what they were looking for (or what XML-RPC was.)


So far we’ve updated 46 sites to the new version without incident but as always, back up your blogs before proceeding with any update!

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