Instagram Collage

Have you ever wondered how people create those brilliant instagram collage images in your photo stream?

Sure it’s nice enjoying the handiwork of others but making your photos stand out is one of the best ways to increase your following on the popular social network.

Here’s how it’s done.

Instagram Collage Apps for iPhone

There are 3 main apps you can explore when looking to add collages to your instagram feed.


Diptic Instagram Collage AppMentioned in our Instagram for Beginner’s article, Diptic waw really first out of the gate as the go to collage app for Instagram.

At $0.99, it’s price point is accessible and it not only creates borders and collages but it can add effects (filters) as well. This is a great plus if you want to have a different filter on each photo. Once loaded to Instagram you can only apply one filter to the whole, flattened image.

In total, Diptic provides 52 customizable layouts and 14 filters, plenty of options to get your Instagram on.



picstitch instagram collage appA free collage app, it’s no doubt that PicStitch is as popular as it is.

With 32 layouts it still has plenty to choose from and if you get bored of the available options, there are paid upgrades in the app, like Border Add-ons and filters.

Although I haven’t used this featured myself, you can apparently export your photos to Walgreens for printing if you like your photos printed on photo paper (do people still do that?)





InstaCollage Pro may be my favorite instagram collage app of the moment. Because apps are kind of like shoes that way, always finding a new one to love, right?

This app will retail for $0.99 shortly but it’s free for the time being so grab it while you can.

Boasting 46 regular layouts, 38 borders, 18 effects (filters) and 17 irregular collage layouts it’s definitely one of the most robust collage apps out there.

Want to add a caption to those instagram collages? InstaCollage will let you do that too!

Have we missed any of your favorite collage apps? A hidden gem we need to know about, let us know in the comments.

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