Creative Dissatisfaction & A Tour of the New Digs

In the midst of yet another series of sketches and inspiration boards for this site, I ran across a post from Brian Gardner about creative dissatisfaction – how you’re only ever temporarily happy with something you create.

This is the ongoing dilemma. The waking in the wee hours of the morning with a bolt of inspiration that just has to get out or to get a photo of that flower in just the right light so I can use it in a new project. There are days when it’s exhausting – when my mind is so full of things that feel like they need to get out RIGHT THIS INSTANT but my not everything can flow out of ten fingers all at once.

And then there’s that other problem – the it’s perfect before bed and terrible in the morning problem. That kind of sounds like a bad date in college too but it’s also a design problem. The light of day sometimes just doesn’t reflect the same and you feel the need to start again. To create something that can shine in the morning the same way it sparked the night before.

From all that internal pressure, 2am coding and 4am designing, the new branding and site have managed to escape. And I’m happy – for now :)

I hope YOU enjoy the new vibe too. A tour? I thought you’d never ask…

  • As you can see from the gorgeous photo above this post, there’s now a free 3 part eCourse available to everyone because I want you rocking that blog, client or not!
  • There’s a new Start Here section and as implied, feel free to start there ;). It covers all the posts you need to start a blog or grow one.
  • You can now grab a full step by step tutorial on how to set up WordPress hosting as well as transfer all your content from Blogger or Too many panic stricken emails when stuff broke – it’s time there was something easy to follow out there that included moving your posts – that’s the tricky part!
  • I bringing transfers back (cue JT), in a limited fashion – just a few a month. If you don’t want to try the tutorial I mentioned above, you can hire me to do this for you with a super quick turn around. Check out the details on the services page.
  • Blog coaching has been reorganized to, I hope, better meet your needs. So far, all my coaching clients have needed custom arrangements based on their unique situations so I made the package a lot more flexible. You can even use coaching to for a blog critique! Take a gander at the coaching page for details.
  • I’ve introduced a branding and design premium package officially in black and white on the site. This package has lived unofficially in the background for quite some time as I’m working more and more with bloggers who are introducing products and services BUT I just never made the leap to having it out there – until now. The package includes, inspiration and branding boards, logos and an entire reworking of your online presence to crush it!
  • And of course, you can still sign up for Blog School’s interest list if you’d like to be notified when it reopens for enrollment next year!

Whew, that’s a lot and way to many exclamation points in one post. While I wait to get arrested by the grammar police, take a look around, let me know what you think and I’ll be back next week (hopefully still loving my redesign ;)