Are Blogger Collaborations the New Guest Posting?

blogger-collaborationsOne of the hardest things to wrap your head around is that guest posting, essentially giving your best content away, is one of the fastest ways to grow your blog’s traffic.

If you’re new to the idea of being featured on other blogs and why it’s so beneficial check out How to Start Guest Posting to Grow Your Traffic.

Do you write a more life journal sort of blog? Have you found that it’s harder to find guest posting opportunities because traditional advice doesn’t quite make sense for your situation? When writing about your day, meals, family or workouts, that sort of content won’t really fit on anyone else’s blog so what exactly as you supposed to guest post about?

This is an issue a lot of bloggers have and although guest posting is a great opportunity, it is harder for some bloggers than others.

Since getting off your blog and out in front of new people is key to growing traffic there is another way to get the benefits of guest posting without actually doing it: blogger collaborations.

What Does a Blogger Collaboration Look Like?

Just like a joint venture in business, a blogger collaboration is working with another blogger or bloggers on a joint project. That project can be whatever fits your niche, your expertise and your goals.

A great example of a joint collaboration is the Elf for Health challenge done by Lindsay at Lean Green Bean and Elle at According to Elle.

You can create a time limited challenge, a fun seasonal event, a free product (collect recipes or workouts from various bloggers to give away, etc.) or event a real life event like a meet up or conference. The ideas are only limited by your imagination.

Why do collaborations work so well?

1. It allows you to pool smaller audiences together to create a larger one. Everyone starts with a small audience and it can be hard to gain enough attention on your own but when joining forces with one, two or more bloggers, it’s easier to stand out.

2. Sharing the spotlight can make it easier on the introverts. Making a name for yourself requires taking some risks. Standing up and being noticed can feel unbearable for those of us that are naturally introverted but sharing the spotlight a bit can make the experience a lot more pleasant and successful.

3. Multi-author events build buzz and set you apart.  Not everyone in the blogging world is going to go the extra mile to create a fun event, promotion, challenge or product with someone else. That works to your advantage if you’re serious about growing your traffic. Taking the time and initiative to put together a great collaboration shows that you’re going somewhere with your blog and people love to pay attention to the movers and shakers.

How to Get Started

Creating the next cool blogging event in your niche is as easy, and as hard as, finding a great partner. If you already have a great blogging friend that you know would be ideal, you’re one step ahead and can start planning what you’re going to do together.

If not, you can always reach out to other bloggers and “pitch” them on working on a joint project. Schedule a call or Skype session to talk about the possibilities of a partnership that would benefit you both. Nothing beats actually talking to someone to know whether or not you two would be a good team.

I’ve also found that doing some good old fashioned research works well too. Does the other blogger consistently post? Have they done projects or undertakings that require extra effort? Look for indications that the potential partner has initiative and won’t leave you hanging, your gut will often give you the right answer here.

Not only can this type of collaboration really boost your exposure and traffic it can breathe new life into your blog if it’s starting to feel stale.

Have you noticed any bloggers working together on a collaboration that might help spark other people’s creativity? Leave it in the comments!