Summer Blog Challenge Week 2

Summer Challenge Week 2Welcome to week 2 of the Summer Blog Challenge!

In case you missed last week, feel free to jump back over to the beginning of the blog challenge to get up to speed.

We’re doing one month of small blogging tasks, one each day, to get your blog to-do list drastically shortener by the end of summer.

I’ve even added some more challenging items here and there to push you out of your comfort zone where the real blogging magic happens.

And because no challenge would be complete without prizes, there are 2 grand prizes up for grabs, which you can sign up for below:

The Prizes

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Summer Blog Challenge Week 2: Content

Day 1: Organize

One of the easiest ways to increase your blogging productivity, ease writer’s block and make blogging more enjoyable is to organize all the places you keep post and project ideas.

It doesn’t matter if you like a certain degree of creative clutter in your physical environment or you like a clean desk to start the day, just about everyone I know benefits from a collection and planning tool for their blogging.

Today’s Task: Today you’re going to figure out your one blogging collection tool and figure out your workflow for using it.

Decide on one place you can save post, project, or any other blog related idea. I love and use Evernote for this because I can save blog posts, pictures and just about everything else in neat folders but there are about a million tools out there. Asana and Trello are a couple others that excel at project management.

The tool doesn’t matter as much as the follow through and actually using it. No doubt, one will feel more natural for you so go with that and start emptying your blogging brain into it.

  • Write down all your post ideas that are scattered around or just in your head
  • Add any project or product ideas you’ve been thinking about
  • Add a blog to do list of any design/maintenance or technical things that need to get done

Once your to-dos and post ideas are out of your head, it’s a whole lot easier to see what you need to be working on or grab a quick idea of Thursday’s blog post.

Day 2: About Page

One of the most visited pages on any blog, the About page is your introduction to your audience. It’s uber important and often forgotten so today is all about updating it to put your best foot forward.
Today’s Task: Update your About page to make an impact (or at least be current)!

If you hate writing about yourself, check out this tutorial on writing create About Pages for ideas.

Day 3: Contact Page

Do you have a contact page on your blog? If you don’t, today you’ll set one up and if you already have one, make sure your forms work and it’s as complete as you need it to be.
Today’s Task:Create or review your Contact page. Can you use a form instead of an email address to look more professional? Does your form work? Do you want to add social media contact information to this page?

Day 4: Create a Resource

For today’s task you’re going to create a simple page to help your readers get to know your blog and posts a bit better. You know all the great stuff hiding in your archives but new readers often won’t see anything but your most recent posts.

Resource pages can take a lot of forms but for simplicity, pick either a “start here” type page where you choose the posts that guide a reader through what they need to know about your blogging topic or a page that covers one single topic you blog about. If you want you can create multiple resource pages, each on one topic showcasing your best posts in each section.

I like to add an email subscription optin to resource pages to encourage people to sign up for the email list if they enjoy the content there. You can check out my resource page for inspiration if you need some.

Today’s Task:Create a resource page for your blog in a way that would best serve your readers.

Day 5: Improve the Best

Every blog will have a most visited post, and a second most visited. Today we’re going to take the opportunity to improve upon those posts to help all the traffic that lands there explore the blog more.

If you need help figuring out your top posts, check out this posts you can review your Google Analytics or your blog’s internal stats system.

Today’s Task:After identifying your top posts, update any information that’s out of date. This would include either the text itself, the images or both. Posts that pull in high traffic from search engines consistently are often a bit older and may need a touch up. You can also add additional content to the post making it a more thorough resource or just update what’s already there making sure it shows off your best writing.

Second, add an email opt-in to the post to capture some of that traffic as an ongoing email subscriber. Traffic is great but if it comes and then leaves again, it’s not doing you any long term good. Email subscriptions ensure that you continue building relationships with your new readers.

Finally, make sure to link out to other posts in your blog from the higher traffic posts. Interlinking posts is always a good idea but when a certain post is getting a lot of traffic, it’s especially important to help those people explore your blog’s other offerings!

Day 6: Learn Something New

What skill can you improve to help your blog stand out?

Can you learn more about:

  • photography in general
  • cooking & recipe creation
  • food photography
  • making blog graphics
  • writing
  • improving your headlines
  • blog design

Are there courses you can take online (like Creative Live) or maybe even a workshop in real life? There will always be things we can improve on but pick something that you feel is enjoyable for you and would really up the quality of your blog.

This task may indeed take you more than a day but you can at least identify something today and take the initial steps in the right direction.

Today’s Task: Identify a blogging related skill you want to improve in the next 3 months. Research ways to enhance this skill and create a plan to do it.

Week 2: Done!