Summer Blog Challenge Week 3

Summer Challenge Week 3Welcome to week 3 of the Summer Blog Challenge!

We’re doing one month of small blogging tasks, one each day, to get your blog to do list drastically shortened by the end of summer. There are even some more challenging items sprinkled in to push you out of your comfort zone where the real blogging magic happens.

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There’s also 2 grand prizes you can enjoy as a challenge participant, which you can sign up for below:

The Prizes

To make the Summer Blog Challenge a bit more fun, I’m giving away 2 grand prize packages that include:

2 Winners Will Receive

A Blog School 2015 Admission plus the First 1000 Subscribers eCourse

Total prize value over $550!
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Summer Blog Challenge Week 3: Social Media

Day 1: Facebook

Today we’re going to take the opportunity to refresh our Facebook pages. With the ever changing landscape (and image formatting) of the social networks, it’s great to revisit your profile at least a few times a year to make sure everything looks good and you feel that your profile is doing you justice.

Today’s Task:
Review your Facebook fan page to update your profile image, about bio and your cover image as necessary.

With the new timeline view for Pages, text has been added to the cover image area that may require some revamping of you cover image:

blog challenge facebook

Day 2: Twitter

Just as we did with Facebook yesterday, we’re going to update our Twitter accounts today.

Today’s Task:
Head over to your Twitter profile and take a look at your header/cover image, your profile and your bio.

Have you updated your header image since the new layout changes on Twitter? You’ve got a lot of real estate to work with!


Day 3: Gravatar

Ever wonder why your beautiful face doesn’t appear next to comments you leave on blogs? Using the free Gravatar (Globally Recognized Avatar) service ensures your blog interactions are more personal and that other will start to recognize you around the interwebs.

Today’s Task:
Sign up for a free Gravatar account and upload a photo. It can be helpful to use the same image for all your social media accounts to help with cross platform recognition.

Day 4: Sharing

Does your blog having social sharing options above or below the post? Do they work?

Today’s Task:
Add social sharing buttons to your blog and try them out. Most visitors to your site won’t let you know if something is broken, so it’s a great idea to add this maintenance task to your blogging to do list!

Theme updates, plugin conflicts and more can cause issues on blogs so even if you haven’t changed your sharing plugins lately it may go haywire!

Extra credit: use a social sharing plugin that allows you to add your twitter handle to shares (it will usually show up as: via @yourtwitterhandle). This helps you see who’s sharing your stuff so you can thank them and helps grow your following.

Day 5: Find a Niche Site

Not every social media site is made for everyone – and that’s great news. Today you’re going to investigate smaller, more niched social media networks that are more tailored to your unique topic.

Do you blog about food? fashion? fitness? Check out FoodGawker, Polyvore or Daily Mile.

There are social networks for just about every niche you can imagine and growing your traffic means getting in front of the right people which these niche networks can help you do – faster.

Today’s Task:
Find a niche social media network or site that caters to your your niche and investigate ways you can become involved in the community there.

Day 6: Focus on One

How do I find the time to blog, interact and keep up with ALL the social networks?

The time issue is a common one for all of us and the easiest way to start feeling better about your blogging time is to decide that you’re not going to do it all.

There’s nothing wrong with choosing to ignore a social network (or 2, or 3) even though everyone else is on it. You can just pick the one network you like the best or get the most traffic from and focus 100% of your efforts there. You’ll see faster growth, have more meaningful relationships and save yourself a ton of time!

Today’s Task:
If you’re feeling burnt out with all the social networks and aren’t getting any results from small efforts spread across multiple platforms try a month of all in on one network. Measure your results for the next 30 days to see what happens!
Week 3: Done!