Pinterest Plugins for WordPress

It’s everywhere lately: Pinterest

The social visual bookmarking site has recently exploded in popularity lately with tons of media buzz.

Quietly for months and months, Pinterest has been driving more referral traffic than Google+, Linkedin and Youtube combined! {via Shareaholic}

That’s a pretty impressive stat and one that should signal to you that using this social network is a huge opportunity for you and your WordPress blog design.

If you blog about a topic that is visually captivating, like food, fashion, photography or design you have an easy time capitalizing on the Pinterest phenomenon. If you blog about topics like fitness or weight loss, that may not lend themselves easily to photos, think quotes or inspirational photos instead. Those always do amazingly well on the site.

The next big question: What are the best ways to integrate your blog and Pinterest to optimize traffic, referrals and growing your follower network on the site?

“Pin it” Pinterest Button

To integrate the “Pin it” button into posts, install the plugin and set it to display the button wherever you like. It can be placed on the home page, posts, pages or any combination of those. You also have the option of adding a pin it button into text with the use of the ‘pinit’ shortcode.

This is a very easy way to call attention to your desired action, for example:

The other fantastic part of this plugin is the ability to add your own description to photos in the post edit screen so that you can write in captions for your photos to ensure the right keywords get associated with your pins.

Pinterest RSS Widget

Just like with other social networks, it’s not just about making share-worthy content, it’s about the sharing other people’s stuff too. Being the go to source for all things neat and cool the best way to become the go-to person in your niche.

What better way to show off your awesome Pinterest finds that with a feed of the pins you add to the network?

Pinterest RSS Widget is a simple plugin to integrate, just add it through your plugins menu and install the widget in your sidebar to get a simply styled list of your latest finds.  This type of widget can blend into almost any theme and lets the photos take center stage.  You also have the option of adding a follow me on pinterest button right below your photos.

Pretty Pinterest Pins

If you have a more stylish type blog, Pretty Pinterest Pins may be a great option for your RSS feed. Just like the plugin above, Pretty Pins displays your latest pins but in a more styled variety that makes them hard to ignore in your sidebar:

You also get the follow me option as with most of the plugins but also the ability to include captions and adjust the number of pins to show at one time.  Captions are one of the most read areas of any website, great tool if you use it to your advantage!

Pinterest Follow Me Button

A simple but often overlooked item when trying to optimize your blog for Pinterest is actually having a follow me button displayed prominently on your site.  If you have social media buttons on your site, make sure you add a pinterest button or if you’re not code savvy, you can simply pop in the Pinterest Follow Me plugin and it does the work for you.

After installing the plugin, just head over to your widgets area, drag it to the desired location and configure your options to get started.

Pinterest AutoPin for WordPress

The only paid plugin on the list, Pinterest Auto for WordPress is a beautiful plugin that adds a certain something to your blog if you’re serious about targeting Pinterest as your social network of choice. At only $4, it’s not a huge investment to make and definitely helps you stand out from the crowd and increase your blog’s pins.

The plugin creates a hover effect on top of all your photos to encourage pinning. It’s a simple idea but quite striking and unexpected, always a plus to catch a blog readers attention.  Here’s a short video of how the plugin works:

Do you have any favorite Pinterest plugins?

If you do, please share below. I hope these tips help you bring more pins to your blog and more blog to your pins.

Happy pinning!