Are you ready to find out what’s missing?

A number of years ago, I stumbled on an old high school friend who was blogging about her weight loss struggles online.

I ended up losing about 3 hours of my day pouring over all of her successes and struggles and seeing so much of myself in her battles. Having known her fairly well back in the day, but having lost touch for over a decade, it amazed me how parallel our lives were, even with all the differences.

We connected again after years, all over a blog.

The power of the medium really left an impression on me. So much so, that it wasn’t long after first discovering my friends’ site that I started a little blog of my own on a free wordpress site.

So I did what anyone who starts a blog does – I wrote. I wrote and wrote until my fingers couldn’t type anymore and I published countless posts in a fury of creative brilliance. Unfortunately – most of the posts were terrible but that didn’t dampen my enthusiasm.

After a week or so, my blog induced hysteria was dying down and I noticed something. No one was reading it. Ok, not literally no one – maybe 5 people (you guys totally rock and know who you are.) But it sure felt like no one.

Aren’t people just supposed to come? Aren’t they just supposed to find you?

Unfortunately, blogging isn’t a field of dreams and if you build it, the won’t and don’t come.

What made this random rejection of the internet Gods worse was that I was sharing heart felt stuff, like the real deal, and none of that seemed to matter.

I know this story sounds familiar to so many of you. You hit publish and sit and wait and refresh (then refresh again) and no one comes. You get a comment here and there and it feels like the best. thing. ever. but it doesn’t happen that often.

Then you go read some of your favorite blogs and they get like 100 comments before you finish your morning coffee. That feeling sucks. That feeling of not know what to do to get your site to be what you know it can be in your head. I get it, I was right there too.

I’d like to help you if I could. I’ve been at that point, when you feel like giving up, when you feel like the dream in your head just isn’t going to happen and you start to doubt yourself.  It’s a pretty rough place to be.

Sometimes all that’s missing between you and your goals is a little information applied in the right way at the right times using skills you already have.

Ever since that little free blog I’ve spent countless hours researching and testing everything I could about blogging.  I’ve had failures and successes. I’ve learned and adapted. And I’ve spent this last year putting all that information together, here, for you:

Are you ready to find out what’s missing?