• This blog of yours isn’t just a hobby

    It's time to go pro

    Let's start making plans

There’s more to blogging than blogging.

This might seem strange, but it’s true.

(I swear I’m not that “woo woo” so just bear with me here.)

Let’s start with YOU.

You’ve been typing away for years now because dammit, you’ve got something to say! You’ve got passion, you’ve got drive, you’ve got a dream.

And let’s not forget the most important part –

You’re making the world a more amazing place to be — one post at a time.

And you’ve realized that this little blog of yours isn’t just a hobby. It’s got value. It’s got potential.

Okay, let’s just say it –

Your site has the power to change lives.

So you’re ready to do more than just blog, you’re ready to show the world that you mean business! I mean, if you could turn this blog of yours into your full time business, that would certainly change your life.

The only problem is this — you’re not quite sure how to make your blog, well… BIGGER.

  • Sure, you can write posts every day for a year, but how do you get people to actually read them?
  • Sure, you can create a basic blog on your own, but how do you brand yourself and create a strong visual presence?
  • Sure, you can get a few followers here and there, but how do you make a consistent impact and gain a loyal audience?

And most importantly, how do you make money with it?

If any of these questions have crossed your mind, then I’m extra glad that you’re here right now. Because THIS is my area of expertise.

THIS is where I come in.

So let’s say you get three wishes. (I’m a Blog Genie, remember?)

  • One for an amazingly gorgeous design.
  • One for an action plan to gain website traffic and build your list that actually works.
  • One for a way to systematize your content creation so your posts keep readers engaged and sharing what you have to say.

Well, let’s grant these babies and make your blog a bigger deal already! Because when you’re finally firing on all cylinders, growing a community, releasing awesome content, and making money – it can truly feel like magic. (Blog Genie wave again.)

Hi. My name is Rita Barry (a.k.a the lady behind all of this awesome alchemy) and I’m so pleased to meet you. I’m here to help you build and run the most bad-ass blog and business possible with my one on one design work and signature courses. (Blog big or go home, I say.)

My Story

In a nutshell – I took my blog (that began as just a hobby) and turned it into a full time business, quit my day job and never looked back.

I believe that turning your passion into your business is the best thing you can do for your life. Remember what I said about your blog changing lives? Well, my blog has changed not only my life, but the lives of my readers too.

And I’d love to help you do the same.

It all started as a personal weight loss journey. After being overweight for most of my adult life (like 20 years), I finally decided at 30 that it was time to change things. It was time to get moving and get healthy. Not only that, but I was determined to share each step of the way in a blog. So FitBlogger was born.

At first, I developed a small community of health and fitness conscious readers. Over time, FitBlogger grew to have a life of its own. I connected with so many other amazing bloggers and realized something that I now teach in great detail.

There is so much more to blogging than blogging. There are creative and strategic ways to monetize your blog. There are smart and savvy ways to optimize your site design. And there are methods to grow your website traffic beyond loud, expensive marketing shouts into the internet void.

I went from sharing my passion in a sweet little blog to having a blog-powered business that I love, and you can too.

Ready to get going and make some magic happen?

Check out my one on one design work and courses to see how I can help you go PRO.

Speaking of PRO, here are some of my professional highlights…

  • I’m the co-founder of the Blog Well Summit, a virtual blogging conference that helps bloggers grow their networks and learn the skills they need to increase their readership.
  • I’ve been designing and developing websites for over 6 years and have worked with 100’s of amazing clients. This business isn’t a part time gig but is a full time, paying the mortgage kind of biz.
  • I’m an IDEA Health and Fitness Association expert in website design, and recently spoke on effective blog design for their World BlogFest Conference in Anaheim, CA.
  • I believe that exceptional design requires the right blend of emotion and analytics, and that is what I bring to the table as a designer and developer.
  • I’m more than a website designer & expert. My university background is actually in Math (calculus rules!) and Science. I was going to be a doctor until I realized I didn’t like scalpels and skin in the same room together.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be featured in and partner with some great publications and organizations.

For professional bio, interview, media features and mentions, check out Blog Genie’s press page.

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