Where Can You Find Support to Keep Your Goals on Track?


Before you started blogging, it looked a lot more social, didn't it? That was definitely my impression too. With all the comments and social media interaction, blogging looked like a non-stop coffee date with you and 10,000 of your closest friends. But it's actually pretty lonely out there. Building your blog, being so focused on making this dream of yours a success, can actually be pretty isolating. If your “real life” friends or family ... Read More

6 Pillars of a Successful Blog


When you first start, blogging seems as easy as typing up a quick thought about your day and hitting publish. But the thing about blogging is this: There is so much more to blogging than blogging. A successful blog, however you define that for yourself (traffic, income, book deals, etc.) is like the top of a table. Although the top of the table usually gets the most attention, it's only one part of what makes a table useful, right? There ... Read More

Hate Traditional Goal Setting? Try This Instead


Do you have a love hate relationship with traditional goal setting too? I'm a hard wired over-planner and go getter . I like to get stuff done, check off to do lists and make a change in the world. Serve YOU better. So goal setting has always naturally fit into the landscape of my life. BUT traditional goal setting and I don't always get along. Maybe you can relate. Whenever I put those bigger than life goals down on paper, I got a bit ... Read More

Google Analytics Cheat Sheet: Steal My Go-To Blogging Dashboard

Blog Stats

Last week was all about relationships and really focusing on higher quality traffic vs a higher quantity of traffic. Here’s the quick review: Instead of focusing on results (like higher traffic), you need to focus on the activities that bring in higher traffic (outreach, higher quality content, guest posts, interviews , social media, better sharing visuals, etc.) Traffic is a result, not the activity itself. Higher quality traffic means ... Read More

4 Metrics You’re Not Tracking That Will Transform Your Blog in 2015


Success leaves clues. Today we’re going to be following the breadcrumbs to dissect the year that was so that you can see: What’s worked. What hasn’t. And use the information to take control of how your blog is going to do next year. Doesn’t that sound good? Having a bit of say in how this how blog thing goes down in 2015? Stop Focusing on Results What?! Yup, I mean it! Stop focusing on results. I always recommend looking at 2 ... Read More

7 Images Every Blogger Needs to Ignite Their Brand Online {Infographic}


Creating a visual identity is one of those tasks many bloggers run away screaming from. Can’t you just see yourself running off towards the horizon, arms wildly waving overhead. Yup, that’s pretty much sums up graphic creation and visual identity work for a lot of people. As this year draws to a close, I’ve heard rumblings that a number of my favorite blogging friends are looking to freshen up their blog’s visual elements and having a list ... Read More

3 Ways to Boost Your Productivity with Asana


Ever feel like you’re drowning in responsibilities or that there’s an ocean of small tasks that stretches between you and your goals? Find yourself testing productivity apps and gadgets that your friends swear by only to realize they’re not right for you? Technology can be super helpful when it comes to getting organized and boosting your productivity, but you can’t go overboard with it. Tools can easily become yet another thing you’ve got ... Read More

The One Tool to Find Hot Post Ideas & Key Influencers


Growing, succeeding and becoming an influencer in your space has a lot to do with the content that you put out into the world and it also has a lot to do with connecting with the right people. Doing both of those tasks well means truly understanding the landscape in which you blog. Who are the "big bloggers" Who are the behind the scenes influencers? Where is your audience hanging out online? What are the most popular sites? What ... Read More

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Blogging Checklist


Do you remember before you started blogging when you thought that writing a post was going to be the most time consuming thing you had to worry about? Yup, me too. And then came the social media, the emails, and the projects that never seemed to get done. There's a lot more to blogging - than blogging. So how do you get it all done, and stay consistent without letting this whole blog thing take over your life? For me, staying on top of ... Read More

How to Create a Style Guide for Your Blog Graphics


Have you ever looked at another blog's post images and wished you have the time, talent or know how to create those fancy blog graphics for all your posts too? And then when it comes time to publish a post, you pop open a program to make an image but it takes forever.  You hit roadblocks like: What image should I use? What fonts should I try? Why doesn't this look as good on the screen as it does in my mind!? The web is visual ... Read More