When Things Get Nasty on Your Blog


Have you ever had a nasty comment left on your blog that seemed like it was totally out of left field? Email haters (and comment haters and trolls) are everywhere. The anonymity of the internet can bring out the worst in people (YouTube comments anyone?) but if you love to blog then you’ve also seem the […]

Blogging Quote Shareable Graphics

With Blog School registration on this week it’s amazing to see the new people, blogs and dreams that are coming in the doors.  All the energy and enthusiasm everyone brings to the table is infectious. In honor of our new students and bloggers everywhere who pour their heart and souls out to inspire, connect and support […]

Is Your Posting Schedule Hurting Your Blog?

If growing your blog and reaching more readers is at the top of your blogging to do list, you’re not alone.

You’re also in good company if the concept of growing your traffic gets more confusing the longer you research it.

One of the reasons it can be tough to get your blog off the ground is that building traffic goes against what nearly all bloggers feel naturally inclined to do: post as often as possible.

Overcoming the Fear of Video: Interview with Gigi Dubois

fear of video blogging

After last’s month Creating Your First Product Interview, my inbox became a what’s what of video questions. It was pretty obvious that a lot of people are struggle with everything from fear of being on camera to the technical stuff about how to pull off editing, lighting and not looking like a total dork. Video […]

Reader Question: Does My Blog Need a Newsletter?

Danielle LaPorte's newsletter is a much less traditional example.

Have you ever wondered if you should start a newsletter for your blog? Or maybe you’re like those of us who tried to publish one and could just never get into the rhythm of publishing it as often as we wanted to and it fizzled out. In today’s post, thanks to a great question from […]

DIY Designer: One Page, One Action


Click this. Scroll here. Check this out. Sign up. Share. Comment. We put a lot of demands on a reader’s attention when they stop by our blog. In fact, I’m willing to bet that we spend a lot of time obsessing rearranging elements on our blog in hopes of increasing pageviews, adding subscribers or increasing time […]

The Beginner’s Mind Approach to Blogging

Despite what I thought in the beginning, blogging is pretty hard. I mean it looks so easy from the outside, doesn’t it. Writing a post, plunking in a photo are two and voilà, instant blogging magic. Or not. Crafting  a blog that inspires, teaches or entertains your readers isn’t an inborn talent for most of us. […]

Creating Your First Product: Interview with Tamara Grand

A few weeks ago, I did a post on blogging income and how making the mental shift from blogger to business owner is a total game changer. It was one of those posts that got a lot of response, both on the blog and in my email. People are struggling with this big time. It doesn’t […]

10 Virtues of Highly Successful Bloggers

Success in blogging, as in anything else, can often feel like a mysterious combination of intangible qualities. If you’ve ever happened upon a blog with more traffic and comments than yours and thought, “What do they have that I don’t have?” then you’ve already encountered the unique blend of qualities that helps set people apart. When […]