The One Tool to Find Hot Post Ideas & Key Influencers

post ideas key influencers

Growing, succeeding and becoming an influencer in your space has a lot to do with the content that you put out into the world and it also has a lot to do with connecting with the right people. Doing both of those tasks well means truly understanding the landscape in which you blog. Who are the "big bloggers" Who are the behind the scenes influencers? Where is your audience hanging out online? What are the most popular sites? What ... Read More

How to Create a Style Guide for Your Blog Graphics

style guide

Have you ever looked at another blog's post images and wished you have the time, talent or know how to create those fancy blog graphics for all your posts too? And then when it comes time to publish a post, you pop open a program to make an image but it takes forever.  You hit roadblocks like: What image should I use? What fonts should I try? Why doesn't this look as good on the screen as it does in my mind!? The web is visual ... Read More

The Simple Technique to Save Hours on your Blog


Back in 2010, my daughter was an adorably cute 4 year old who rarely sat still for more than a second or two. With only the time after she went to bed and the 3 hours of pre-school she had a week, free time was scarce. I always thought that once she started school full time, that would be the time to grow the blog and work on the business since I really wanted to be fully present, when she was present. When my little bundle started ... Read More

The Anatomy of an Insanely Useful Resource Page


Do you have content, hanging out in the archives of your blog that is amazing but rarely sees the light of day? Won't it be cool to use that awesome but hidden content in a way that could keep visitors around longer and help them to become fans of your blog? One of the easiest ways I know how to do that is to create resource pages on your blog. Now you'll no doubt recognize these type of pages but maybe hadn't given them a whole lot of ... Read More

23 Top Productivity Tools for Bloggers

blogging productivity tools

So often we focus on our blog design, endlessly fiddling with plugins, wishing for a better theme or we're focused on content creation without ever really looking at how we plan to get this stuff done. As I mentioned in how to consistently write better blog posts, I'm a bit of a systems gal and am always on the lookout for better tools and practices to streamline what I do. Through all of my nerdery, I do come across a lot of apps and tools ... Read More

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Your First Speaking Gig

public speaking

"Our brains, for all their wonders, identify the following four things as being very bad for survival: + Standing alone + In open territory with no place to hide + Without a weapon + In front of a large crowd of creatures staring at you In the long history of all living things, any situation where all the above were true was very bad for you. It meant the odds were high that you would soon be attacked and eaten alive." Scott Berkun from ... Read More

Blog Well Summit Session & Speaker Announcement

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Join health & wellness bloggers from around the world as you strengthen your brand and gain new knowledge on blog design & development at the first ever Blog Well Summit, October 17-19, 2014. The Blog Well Summit is a virtual conference that you can attend from anywhere you have an internet connection. This first event is focusing on design, branding and blog development. Future summits are in the works to tackle other blogging woes ... Read More

How to Consistently Write Better Blog Posts

How to consistently write better blog posts

I began my online life back in 2009, and at that time, I was primarily a blogger. Churning out blog posts multiple times a week was always something I struggled with. Everywhere I looked, a blogger would have an amazing post and it seemed like maybe some people were just born to write or at least a whole lot more gifted than I was. After starting Blog Genie, post writing got even harder despite the fact that I was posting less often. ... Read More

Are These Blogging Myths Holding You Back?


The other day I was chatting with a blogger about her site and she expressed some frustrations that I'm sure you can relate to: I really feel like my blog's design is holding me back from getting more readers or working with brands. It's so bad it's actually pretty embarrassing. Should I wait to grow my audience until I can afford a nicer blog or at least until I'm self hosted? Blog design shame is naturally something I hear about a lot but ... Read More