Blog Well Summit Session & Speaker Announcement

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Join health & wellness bloggers worldwide as you strengthen your brand and learn about blog design & development at the first ever Blog Well Summit. The line up of speakers, panelists and interviewees is amazing. We’re honored to have such talented people sharing their unique perspectives with us.

How to Consistently Write Better Blog Posts


I began my online life back in 2009, and at that time, I was primarily a blogger. Churning out blog posts multiple times a week was always something I struggled with. Everywhere I looked, a blogger would have an amazing post and it seemed like maybe some people were just born to write or at […]

Are These Blogging Myths Holding You Back?


The other day I was chatting with a blogger about her site and she expressed some frustrations that I’m sure you can relate to:

I really feel like my blog’s design is holding me back from getting more readers or working with brands. It’s so bad it’s actually pretty embarrassing. Should I wait to grow my audience until I can afford a blog or at least until I’m self hosted?

Blog design shame is naturally something I hear about a lot but there’s also 2 other big themes that come up time and time again when people describe reasons they haven’t achieved their blogging goals yet.

What Does Being Authentic Actually Mean?


Be authentic. Be true to who you are. Just be yourself. These kind of buzzwords are thrown around all the time and what’s worse is that they are often held up as the key to being successful without actually being explained. Why is being YOU vital to your blogging success? There are thousands of fitness blogs, thousands […]

Summer Blog Challenge Week 4

Summer Challenge Week 4

Welcome to week 4 of the Summer Blog Challenge! For the past month, we’ve been doing small blogging tasks, one each day, to get your blogging to do list drastically shortened by the end of summer. You can check out previous weeks here: Blogging Challenge Week 1 Blogging Challenge Week 2 Blogging Challenge Week 3 There’s also […]

Summer Blog Challenge Week 3

Summer Challenge Week 3

Welcome to week 3 of the Summer Blog Challenge! We’re doing one month of small blogging tasks, one each day, to get your blog to do list drastically shortened by the end of summer. There are even some more challenging items sprinkled in to push you out of your comfort zone where the real blogging magic […]

Summer Blog Challenge Week 2

Summer Challenge Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of the Summer Blog Challenge! In case you missed last week, feel free to jump back over to the beginning of the blog challenge to get up to speed. We’re doing one month of small blogging tasks, one each day, to get your blog to-do list drastically shortener by the end of summer. […]

Blog Genie’s Summer Blog Challenge

Summer Blog Challenge

Are you ready to work on your blog and your tan this summer? Join us for the Blog Genie Summer Blog Challenge. With full time jobs, kids, school and significant others we’re all faced the “where do I find the time to blog” dilemma. Yet, when we look at our blogs, we’re less than impressed and […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Monetizing Your Blog


Over the last 5 years of blogging, I’ve made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot of lessons, many of them the hard way. A lot of those lessons were about turning a blog from, “just a blog” into a business that supports my family. I don’t know about you, but when I started […]

7 Ways to Overcome Money Blocks and Embrace Your Blog’s Value

7 Ways to Overcome Money Blocks and Embrace Your Blog’s Value

A peek into my inbox would reveal a similar thread running through many of the emails. They usually go something like this: “I started this blog to help other people, and never really thought about it as a source of income. I don’t make any money yet but I feel like I’m selling out by […]