What do you wish you knew before you started online?

With the internet filled with get 1000 followers in a day and 10 easy ways to make a post go viral, I thought it might be nice to introduce some sanity to all the crazy advice out there.

Something real. Something you can actually work into your plan this year. You know, things you can actually DO!

The best advice always come from people who have been there, and here some amazing ladies who have been there…

To trust my own instincts and be me. Fear of being wrong and fear of not being what people expected drove a lot of my early decisions. Once I learned to use my own voice and do what was right for me and my business, did it finally get easier. Stop trying to follow what is making everyone else money now, and go for what you know will work for you.
Andrea Travillian
Start making your list immediately! Like, before you even write your first blog. If you talk to people about your idea and they are interested, get their contact information. This is one thing that we started really, really late with our website and are definitely paying for. You put a lot of time and energy into your online business, don't let all that hard work go to waste because you do not make the effort to capture your readers' information. Usually if someone spends a bit of time on your site, it is because they like what they are reading and seeing and will likely want to see and read more. If you don't have a sign up where they can give you their email to hear more from you, then you are letting potential return visitors and possible sales slip right through your virtual fingertips. Even if you don't yet have the content created to send out a weekly or even a monthly newsletter, you should still be capturing emails for when you do have the great stuff to send out that your readers want access to.
Kimberly Ferrari
I wish that I had known sooner that it was even possible to create a business based upon my personal journey. Less than a year ago, I had no idea that I could develop a business that would allow me to share my knowledge and expertise, with incredible people located all over the world, simply by logging on to my computer. Every day, I get to serve people from anywhere I choose to be: freedom is paramount. If only I had known years ago that a business like this was possible -- I would have leapt into entrepreneurship so much sooner!
Alison Smith
That the blog-o-sphere is ever changing and evolving so networking with like minded bloggers and learning from them is key!
Deanna Segrave-Daly
I now understand Richard Branson's mantra that outsourcing is key to your business. I never realized early on how important it was to outsource little projects to people better skilled and qualified to perform that part of your business. I spent a lot of time trying to design my own website from scratch, using WordPress, a platform I'd never used before. I took two years turning my site into a basic running machine. A few months with qualified website designers and they managed to turn my basic site into a magazine! You can't know/do everything, so utilize freelancers/acquaintances with skills to do the work for you. You save money in the long run and, most importantly, you manage time more efficiently.
Leyla Preston

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  1. says

    I second Andrea’s advice. Also be yourself. Don’t hide behind a business name or logo. People want to buy from people…. Not brand names.

    • Rita Barry says

      So true! Its funny how we feel like being bigger than we are is a plus but when we think of our own buying behaviour, we usually like to buy from the “small guy!”