Have You Fallen Out of Love with Your Blog?

change blogging topic You know the saying, “The only thing constant in life is change?”

It’s easy to appreciate the truth of that statement when it comes to our daily lives but for some reason, so many of us feel like this won’t apply to our blogs.

When you start a blog, you’re in one place in your life and by the year anniversary of that same blog – your life may not resemble it’s formal self one. little. bit.

If you’re like a lot of us, you may arrive at a moment when you realize that the blog you birthed many months ago, is not really the blog you want to write anymore. Maybe you’re interested in new things, not so interested in others, have found a new calling in life or simply have arrived at a new lifes tage that has changed your blogging passion.

How can you gracefully change your blog into something you love without throwing away everything you’ve built?

Be Honest with Yourself

Admitting that you need a change is the first step. And it’s also the hardest part.

If you have a fairly healthy readership, you might feel like you’re letting people down. In truth, if you continue to write and pursue a topic you don’t jump for joy to talk about, then you’re depriving your audience of your best self.

Before making any changes, ask yourself the big question: do you need a complete change or just a shift in focus?

Say you’re a fashion blogger who just isn’t into high heels and accessories anymore BUT you’ve fallen in love with travelling and want to blog about that.

To make just a slight shift, you could transition the blog into a travel/fashion blog, giving tips and advice about looking stylist while abroad while featuring all the cool places you travel. If you want to do a complete change then dropping the fashion right out of the blog and going all in on travel is the way to go.

Only you can decide how much or how little change you need to spark your blogging passion again. Take some time and follow you gut.

If you want more help picking the right niche and figuring out your unique strengths, be sure to check out my free 3 week blogging course.

Be Honest with your Readers

Once you’ve decided on your new direction, it’s time to let your readers know about the change. A simple post (or email if you have a subscription list) is all it takes to just give everybody a heads up that things are going to be a bit different.

Your long term fans and readers are really the ones that this step addresses. It’s those people that follow you day in and day out that need to feel like they are being included in this change, not so much the people who drop by once in a blue moon.

In the communication with your readers let them know why the change is happening and what to expect going forward. How often are you going to post, what types of things are you going to cover, you know, the simple stuff.

Chances are, for you longer term readers, a lot of your appeal is simply you and you’ll be surprised how many people are incredibly supportive of your new direction.

Trust that Your Audience is out There

When you make a larger change to your blogging topic you may lose some readership. This fact alone is often while people stay with topics they don’t love longer than they should.

When you hold onto what you don’t enjoy, you have no free hands to reach for something new. This step requires a bit of faith, and kind of stepping off the lead without knowing what’s below. It can be really freaky!

Your audience is out there, they’re waiting for that passionate, authentic person who is going to bring something new to the world.

Just as you trusted your gut to change your blog’s direction, you need to trust it again and believe that you will build your audience back if it takes a dip initially.  Plus, when you start engaging new readers, they will be just as jazzed about your blog as you are. Building that sort of community can make this whole blogging thing feel a lot more worthwhile.

Blog Love Is Vital When Making a Transition to Business

Ever think that maybe you want to grow your blog into something more? Maybe a little bit of a business perhaps?

If you ever plan on making a full or part time income from your blog, loving your blog topic is even more important. Once you start to depend on an income from that blog, it’s infinitely harder to walk away from than a blog you write as a hobby.

Building a business you adore only comes from a place of following your passion in life and if your blog topic is just ho-hum to you, how do you think your business, based on that blog, is gonna feel?

How’s Your Current Blog Topic Serving You?

How do you and your blog fit? Are you madly in love with one another or is it time to see other people?

Have you ever found yourself blogging about a topic that just wasn’t for you anymore? What did you do to fix it?


  1. says


    I think this is such an important topic to address. Thank you for the encouragement to follow my intuition and passion.

    I think we talk ourselves into/out of things sometimes and when it comes to taking action on those things, if we’re not genuinely passionate about them, we suddenly ask ourselves, “Geez, what was I thinking?”

    You end up finding yourself in a state of major resistance.

    And resistance equates to suffering.

    Cheers to minimizing suffering and being honest with yourself!

    It’s so important!

    Happy blogging

    • Rita Barry says

      Hey Sheree,

      Passion is where it’s at, isn’t it? It’s just so hard when those passions shift and we get stuck. I always think about how many projects, ideas and light that doesn’t make it into the world because of that resistance and it just breaks my heart.

      We’ve got to give ourselves permission to fail and then get back up and do it better! Are you building your site right now?

  2. says

    Been there, done that. My blogging came to a halt because I had sites I was not passionate about. I started over with this new site that I love. It breaks all the rules by covering many topics. But at last I feel like I write about what I want to write about. Hopefully it wil work out well.

    • Rita Barry says

      Hey Neena,

      Doesn’t it feel so much better? Like a breathe of fresh air :) I know for me, that when I go to a site and I can feel the owners love for their topic I’m always a lot more inclined to return (and buy stuff!) so I think it makes a difference in so many ways!

      The different topics can totally work, it’s all about bringing the value and you may be serving the same person from many angles.

  3. says

    I could go on about this forever. You know what I’m out of love with? I’m out of love with constantly fixing my blog. I’ve had so many problems with my migration from a year ago. I’ve had 3 different people in my site. It’s still not as it should be. I can’t even get to my topics because I spend more time fixing than writing.

    • Rita Barry says

      That’s gross. Were you on blogger before or something different? I’d be very over that too, a year is way to long to struggle with that stuff, agreed!


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