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Hey there, I’m Rita and I work with female healthy living bloggers (think runners, personal trainers, weight loss folks, coaches, foodies, yogis) to help them design and rock their online presence so they inspire their audience and have a blog they love (and maybe make money doing it.)

Somedays that means I’m designing kick ass websites and other days I’m on the phone helping a blogger develop her very first thing to sell.

Maybe you’re wondering, what’s with the women only around here? Can’t men learn about blogging and marketing themselves too?

All the principles I teach, blog about and coach around are universal to every gender and blogging niche but I’m passionate about helping women and me being over the moon excited to work on a project means you get the very best of me, and that’s very important around here.

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Why Just Healthy Living Bloggers and Fitness Folks?

Way back in 2009, I started blogging in the healthy living niche and fell in love with hundreds of people I had never met in person. My real life friends and family thought it was a bit strange but these other bloggers had become a huge source of inspiration and guidance for me as I was trying to get healthier.

When I opened up shop here at Blog Genie, I worked with a lot of different people from a lot of different backgrounds. When you’re a blog and website designer, you can really do that for anyone, right?

But what I noticed pretty quickly is that the type of people who inspired me for so long are the exact people I want to help spread their message far and wide. There is so much garbage out there in the world of weight loss, fitness and health that it really needs to be drowned out by the amazing work being done by healthy living bloggers and fitness professionals. That’s my mission here at Blog Genie: to help you do good in world by sharing your message in a bigger and more beautiful way.

Healthy living/fitness/nutrition blogging is an enormous online community, and it can be really difficult to stand out. How do you put all the blogging pieces together to create your perfect brand, site and content?

It’s easy to fall into the comparison trap with other, more established bloggers and feel like you’ll never get there. And you know what? It’s true, you’ll never get to where they are because your journey is different, your vision of success is likely totally different too.

Your story is important and needs to be heard! There’s no one else quite like you and that’s what this site is all about – helping you get your message out there.

When it comes to blog design and coaching I look at sites as more than just a pretty face. Your blog shouldn’t just look good, it should also:

  • build your following
  • foster your community
  • grow your brand
  • and maybe even make you some money!

Sites that are a gorgeous combination of beauty and function are what I’m especially good at. One could say it’s my unique talent. That and customer service, I’m a bit of a crazy person around treating my clients right.

I also create online training programs and educational resources to teach you how to do your blogging thing better because blogging isn’t the field of dreams. Helping to bridge the gap between a great idea and successful blog is something I’m really passionate about.

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The 411 on Me

  • I’m Canadian, apparently it’s very evident when people speak to me on the phone – who knew?
  • I live in a town of approximately 800, if you count all the sheep and cows.
  • I feel more at home in the mountains that anywhere else on earth but travel suggestions are always welcome :)
  • I’m an avid runner – 2 half marathons under my belt and maybe a full one is in my future.
That's my Zoey! She's probably curled up under my chair right this very moment.

That’s my Zoey! She’s probably curled up under my chair right this very moment.

  • The Boston Terrier puppy that my daughter and husband just had to have has become my favorite four legged creature – ever. And a very good running partner for something with such tiny legs.
  • I adore reading (you might be able to tell from my bookish site design), love actual paper books and still have a library card.
  • I thrive on change. The word adaptable has been used on every performance appraisal and report card I’ve ever had.
  • If I didn’t do this for a living I would probably be a photographer (or a traveling nomad – does that pay well?). I carry around a ridiculously large camera almost everywhere I go.

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