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Online Burnout? 5 Things to Stop Doing Right Now

What causes one person to be massively productive, focused and successful while another is drowning in unfinished projects with their dreams on hold? Is it that the focused person has found a magical way of managing all the distractions, shiny objects and mental resistance that shows up when they sit down to work? Are they super human? Or […]

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10 Minutes to Your Ideal Reader

Standing and talking to a room full of people is tough. It’s hard to be vulnerable and really connect with each and every person. Contrast that with the emotional connection you can easily achieve sitting down for coffee with a new friend. In one situation you have to plan your words carefully for months to […]

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The 3 Things Readers Need to Trust Your Personal Brand

Have you ever heard of the “Know, Like and Trust” factor? Those 3 small words, are describing your audience’s journey from when they first encounter your site to when they feel an emotional connection with you and your personal brand. This path is not guaranteed, not everyone who hears about you will trust you or even like you […]

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How Can I Help You Blog Better?

My goal is to always improve the content and resources that I bring to the blog – to help you grow your blog and do what you do better. To do that, I need a little help from YOU! To gather all of your blogging wishes and frustrations, I’ve created the Blog Genie 2015 Reader Survey. The […]

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Launch Before You’re Ready

I’ve quietly been working away on a site re-design for the last few weeks and it’s finally ready – well, almost (a site is never really done!) It’s not a rebranding, but a reorganization and streamlining of the pages and resources that were occasionally not that easy to find on the old site. My goal in giving you […]

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Positioning Your Blog to Charge Higher Prices

Have you ever wondered? What should I charge for a sponsored post? What should I charge for doing service x, y, z for a brand? What price should you charge for your new coaching offering? Pricing and charging what you’re worth is a tough internal conversation for most of use. But I think we’re asking […]

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From Nearly Quitting to 4x the Traffic

Have you ever considered giving up on your blog because it just wasn’t working? No pageviews, no comments, no traction. Or feeling like there was some secret answer as to why some bloggers get so successful and others don’t? I’ve been there too, hunting for hours, endless testing and trying new things. It’s exhausting. It’s […]

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How to Take Charge of Your Website Even if You’re Tech Challenged

Setting up a website is often marketed as being super simple with “no technical skills required”. And while that is essentially true, if you’ve ever attempted even the smallest design customization or email mailing list integration, you’ve no doubt felt the nervous anxiety that comes from being waaaay outside your comfort zone. If you feel that your technical skills or lack […]

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