About Rita Barry

We all deserve a digital home that speaks to our audience about who we are and creates an emotional connection with the right visitors from the moment they arrive.


Rita Barry is a digital designer and strategist. She works with bloggers and entrepreneurs to create a digital home worthy of their ambitions so they can grow their influence and spread their message.

She’s the founder of Blog School, a 6 month training program for bloggers who are tired of playing small and want a clear plan to achieve blogging success and reader growth.

She’s also the co-founder of the Blog Well Summit, a virtual blogging conference aimed to help blogger’s grow their networks and learn the skills they need to grow their readership – all from the comfort home.

Rita is an IDEA Health and Fitness Association expert on website design, recently spoke on blog design at the IDEA World BlogFest Conference in Anaheim and has been featured in Female Entrepreneur Association, Sweat Pink, Sweat Guru, High Impact Blogging, Boost Blog Traffic, Design Crazed, and WordPress Dreams.

For a full article and interview index, check out Rita’s press page.

Rita brings her unique combination of insightful design and purposeful, results driven strategy to her website design and coaching services believing that a beautiful design is critical to success but so it the strategy behind the design.

Your Blog’s Missing Ingredients

Have you ever wondered why increasing readers and getting this blogging thing figured out is so hard? It’s often because we’re focusing on only 1 of the 3 critical parts to blogging success, and most of what we read online only reinforces this narrow view of your blog.

Let’s look at the bigger picture. Bloggers need:

  1. A blog design that connects with your readers while moving you towards your goals. It needs to look good and function beautifully.
  2. A plan for growth that goes beyond “writing killer content,” because you’ve tried that and it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.
  3. Systems to manage all the information, to-dos and dreams so they get done in the limited time you have.

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suzanne digreI love working with Blog Genie for web design stuff…Rita Barry is simply the best <3.

~ Suzanne Digre, Personal Trainer & Entrepreneur, Workout Nirvana